145th Artillery

Rat Fink has always supported the members of the military, but now there is an even closer connection. Rusty Braithwaite, son of Ilene (widow of Ed “Big Daddy” Roth), is a member of the 1/145 Artillery Unit.

Before a deployment, Ilene decided to make a commemorative Rat Fink style t shirt for the members of the unit.

In appreciation, the 145th has decided to make the shirt their official PT uniform.

roth military appreciation
fat fink military shirts
field artillery shirts
Rusty Braithwaite and children giving out shirts to fellow members of the 145th.
official pt uniform
Because each member has a shirt, it was made the official PT uniform.
145th tribute
145th Tribute Bike with Rat Fink artwork
rat fink motorcycle
Mark Lambert, owner on left, with Frank (Magoo) Roberts on right.
145th motorcycle
The image is hand painted by artist Frank (Magoo) Roberts, Las Vegas, NV in honor of the 145th
field artillery painting
Field Artillery Painting