What is the Rat Fink Reunion? It certainly sounds interesting and intriguing, doesn’t it? With a name like the Rat Fink Reunion, you just know it has to be interesting!

The Rat Fink Reunion centers on the creations of Big Daddy Roth, who is a legend in hot rodding circles. Roth is also one of the founders of Kustom Kulture and is known for creating unique one-of-a-kind hot rods that are considered both works of art and works of pure genius. Most people have never seen cars like the kind created by Big Daddy Roth!

Rat Fink and the World of Rodding

So where does the Rat Fink part come in? The world of Rat Fink is also an impressively creative and unique one. Rat Fink is defined as being the “little green rat that epitomizes the world of rodding.” This rat is about as far from Mickey Mouse as you could imagine! Rat Fink adorns a wide range of items including T-shirts, toys, posters, pillows, toy models from Revell, decals, books and comic books and even Rat Fink Bikes by Electra.

2018 Marked the 16th Year for the Rat Fink Reunion

The Rat Fink Reunion is an annual event now in its 16th year.  The Rat Fink Reunion is held in Manti, Utah May 31, June 1 & 2nd, 2018. During this “all things Rat Fink” event, participants are able to meet Rat Fink artists, tour the Rat Fink Museum, participate in the Rat Fink 5K Fun Run, watch live musical performances, have lunch and dinner with Rat Fink artists and event attendees, attend a Rat Fink car show and much more.  We have added the “Official Rat Fink Kids Club House”  and the young artists are able to create their own designs in there.

Who Will Love this Event?

If you love music and art, you’ll certainly get your fill of great live performance and amazing art that you just can’t see anywhere else! Plus, with the Rat Fink store and Rat Fink Museum open during the reunion, you can certainly walk away with a ton of awesome memorabilia.

Dozens of Rat Fink artists help infuse the Rat Fink Reunion with a unique level of energy, creativity and fun. There is certainly no other event that brings so many Rat Fink fans together to share their common interest!

If you are interested in attending the Rat Fink reunion, you can find out more information here. This page includes a registration form and also the agenda for upcoming events.

Those interested in anything Rat Fink will find that the Rat Fink Reunion is a must. Additionally, all hot rod fans will find the Rat Fink Reunion to be a wild ride. The genius, who sparked it all, Ed “Big Daddy” Roth, may have died in 2001, but his work and the festive and unique culture he birthed continues to live on. The Rat Fink Reunion is a tribute not just too all things Rat Fink but, of course, to Roth as well. Those who attend will want to check out the hot rods and Roth’s innovative work firsthand.