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Rat Fink: Sticker
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With hundreds of different Finkish items available in the only official Ed "Big Daddy" Roth Store, any good finkster can find just what they are looking for.

Whether you are a long time fan of Ed Roth's creations, or you are new to the Finkish ways, all are welcome to browse through the store. The following pages highlight the various items that we offer, from t-shirts and model cars to decals and bicycles.

Rat Fink: Clothing
T-Shirts & Clothing
Rat Fink: Clearance Items
Rat Fink Clearance Items
Rat Fink 50th Anniversary Button
50th Anniversary Button
Rat Fink: Toys & Model Cars
Rat Fink Toys & Model Cars
Rat Fink: Collectibles
Rat Fink Collectibles
Rat Fink Shifter Knobs
Shifter Knobs
Rat Fink: Posters
Rat Fink Posters
Rat Fink DVDs
Rat Fink DVDs
Rat Fink Stickers
Rat Fink Decals
Rat Fink Tin Signs
Rat Fink Tin Signs
Rat Fink Books
Books and Comics
Rat Fink Pillows
Rat Fink Pillows
Rat Fink: Bikes By Electra
Rat Fink Bikes By Electra
Rat Fink Model Cars: Models
Rat Fink Patches
Rat Fink Patches

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We are always updating our store with new and unusual items, so make sure you check back regularly or sign up for our Ed Roth newsletter to ensure you don't miss out on any of our unique or limited edition products and event updates.

All Rat Fink products are shipped using delivery confirmation to prevent lost or stolen goods. International shipping is available, however additional shipping charges may apply.