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Rat Fink Collectibles

Are you a Finkster looking for collectibles? With our fun selection of finkish paraphernalia, something is sure to catch your eye.

Whether you are a long time fan of Ed Roth or new to the Finkish ways, all are welcome to browse through the store. The following pages highlight the various items that we offer, from Masks and Wristbands to Keychains and Cards.

Rat Fink: Tin Signs
Rat Fink License Plate Frames
Rat Fink: Masks
Rat Fink: Key Chains
Key Chains
Rat Fink: Pins
Rat Fink:  Patches
Rat Fink: Mouse Pads
Mouse Pads
Rat Fink: Statues
Rat Fink: Trading Card Set 1 (1)
Trading Cards
Rat Fink: Temporary Tattoos
Temporary Tattoos
Rat Fink: Wristbands
Rat Fink: Clocks
Rat Fink Mugs
Rat Fink Mugs
Rat Fink: Posters
Reunion Collectibles
Rat Fink: Rat Fink DVD's
Rat Fink DVD's
Rat Fink: Pillows
Rat Fink: Books and Comics
Books & Comics
Rat Fink: Pellons
Rat Fink: Goodies
Rat Fink Goodies
Rat Fink: Tin Signs
Rat Fink Tin Signs
Rat Fink: Decals
Rat Fink Decals

We are continuously updating our selection of collectibles, so check back regularly to make sure that you don't miss out on any of our new and unusual products. If you can't find what you are looking for here, feel free to visit our store for more unique creations inspired by the infamous Ed "Big Daddy" Roth.

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