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Outlaw Silver-Peterson Museum


The Outlaw is the custom car that made Ed "Big Daddy" Roth famous. Built in 1959, it was originally called the excaliber, named after the family heirloom Revolutionary War sword that Ed adapted as the shifter. In 1960, Roth replaced the Shifter and Changed the name of the car to Outlaw, claiming that excaliber was too difficult for some hot rod types to pronounce. According to Roth, The Outlaw cost $800 to build and he was forced to sell his Ford Model A hot rod "Little Jewel" to pay for the Outlaw's chrome. Outlaw is historically important because it was the first car that Ed "Big Daddy" Roth built with a fiberglass body made from a plaster mold that Roth sculpted himself. It pointed the way to wilder and more imaginative hot rods and customs. A truly revolutionary car, Outlaw won every car show it was entered in during 1962. It now resides in the permanent collection of the Peterson Automotive Museum.