Rat Fink Drawings

Rat Fink Drawings: Cmx06

Those who knew Ed best would say his mind was never at rest. He was always working on something, even if it was in his mind. From Ed's earliest days, he found he had a passion and a talent for drawing.

This love for drawing led him to develop Rat Fink drawings, the unofficial mascot of Kustom Kulture. Rat Fink drawings became his life and legacy. Ed put his Rat Fink drawings on everything, from t-shirts and posters to cars and everything else in-between.

To showcase all the Rat Fink drawings would be impossible. Ed created over 1,000 shirt designs alone, and countless other works. However, we will try to showcase at least a few of the infamous Rat Fink drawings.

For those who are interested, we have a number of posters and other items featuring Rat Fink Drawings for sale in our store.