A Striking T-Shirt Will Always Stand Out in the Crowd

It is funny how the t-shirt has endured over the course of history. No matter what the decade may be, t-shirts have become a way for us to make statements of all kinds, get noticed, get a laugh and quickly tell other people who we are, where we’re coming from and what we are thinking. […]

History of Animated Cartoons

The bottom line is that cartoons have a special place in most of our hearts. Not long after the invention of cinema, cartoons soon followed. For generations, people have loved cartoons. For many of us, this form of entertainment holds a special place in our hearts, minds and memories. It can safely be stated that […]

What is the Rat Fink Reunion?

What is the Rat Fink Reunion? It certainly sounds interesting and intriguing, doesn’t it? With a name like the Rat Fink Reunion, you just know it has to be interesting! The Rat Fink Reunion centers on the creations of Big Daddy Roth, who is a legend in hot rodding circles. Roth is also one of […]

History of Hot Rods in the US

Just say the words “hot rods” and people’s pulses begin to race. Hot rods are about more than speed, however, as they are also about a distinctive look, a mindset and a culture. Rodding is and has always been a complex, wild and fun movement and that fact continues into the 21st century! America’s love […]

Who is Steve Fiorilla?

What is His Involvement with Rat Fink? Who Made up the Artist Steve Fiorilla? Born January 12, 1961, Steve Fiorilla was an American artist born in New Jersey but who worked most of his life in Buffalo, New York. His career was made through his love of grotesque and bizarre illustrations that brought the surreal […]

What is Kustom Kulture?

Ed “Big Daddy” Roth was the innovative genius behind his custom cars and a large part in Kustom Kulture. His own designs were founded based off of his love for hot rods. He was a legend in his own right due to his hot rodding experience. Roth used to create custom hot rods and was […]